Fly Fishing Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado

Within a one-hundred mile stretch, the Roaring Fork Valley has four rivers that offer Gold Medal Trout Fishing.  The Colorado, The Roaring Fork, The Frying Pan and the Crystal rivers are enough to keep the angler here for days.  With a plethora of Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat trouts', and white fish.  The area is known for its sizable, active fish and great fly hatches.

Fly Fishing
Roaring Fork River

Fly Fishing2
Rainbow Trout on Crystal, 13 inches

Fly Fishing3
Brown Trout on Frying Pan, about 19 inches

Because the fish see many flies, experience different hatches, and see many anglers, these fish have become very smart to fisherman.  If you live outside of these areas it is best to connect with a guide who will know hatches, river flows and ultimately how to catch fish.

Fly Fishing4
The best fly caster ever seen

Fly Fishing6
Rainbow Trout on FryingPan River 26 inches 6 pounds.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, August 2002.  Information regarding rivers and locations was experienced first hand and can also be supplied by the certified guides at Roaring Fork Anglers.



The Colorado, Roaring Fork, Frying Pan and Crystal Rivers run within a 100 mile stretch at various locations Pumphouse, Redstone, Basalt and Aspen. We found the guides at Roaring Fork Anglers and Alpine Angling to be the best, most knowledgable, and had the best trips. To contact them you may call: 970-945-0180 or 970-963-9245. Their web page is

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