Hiking Colorado National Monument Fruita, Colorado

Colorado National Monument is an amazing, bold, colored plateau and canyon country. Sculpted rocks and towering masses cover this 32 square mile area of rugged up and down terrain. Some rocks tower 450 feet above the valley floor and offer inspiring sights that are common to the same geological uplifts as The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park and Bryce National Monument.

CO Natl monument 1Grand View

Hiking in this area is great.  With a myriad of trail systems and sights to see, it offers the hiker and climber a full weekend of fun.

CO Natl monument 2
Canyon Overlook

There are over 10 hiking trails, ranging from tourist and accommodating for handicapped to, 16 mile hikes.

CO Natl monument 3
Monument Canyon trailhead

On our tour of Monument Canyon we experienced many opportunities for climbs and exploration.

CO Natl monument 4 

CO Natl monument 5
From the Valley floor in Monument Canyon looking up at the Coke Ovens.


*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, November 2002. Colorado National Monument is a National Park. Maps, distances, elevation names of points and rock formations provided by park.


Colorado National Monument is an easy drive. Coming from Denver, take I-70 west to Fruita Colorado. Exiting Fruita go south on Highway 340 to the park entrance, about 3 miles.

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