This area is most famous for its endless amount of scuba diving.  The reef that runs around Turneffee Atoll is enormous and offers some forty plus dives.  Some dives are famous such as the Blue Hole and the Elbow is world class.  Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t make it to the depths of the sea, so trying to do justice to its magnificence by writing about it is impossible.  The underworld here is a jungle of life.  We have our own groups of castaways.

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  blackbird 2

     The Resort as viewed from the Boat Our hut from the Boat

   blackbird 3
We were the group of castaways, and loved the seclusion this Caye offeredHut #10, nothing but fun.The Accommodations are great.

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blackbird 5

The Captain and Dive Master

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A great staff at the Resort.  A lot of fun and going at the right speed

blackbird 8
Into the Sunset

*Feature written by Phillips, January 2001.  All facts were given by the resort guides, captain and dive master.


GUIDE NOTES AND DIRECTIONS: You must stay here on your trip.
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